Greater flexibility and better flow of information with RNS

A new era of communication and flexibility is achieved by using the smart machine module, Remote Notification System. RNS makes it possible to obtain information about the operating state of the machining center and the process itself, regardless of where the user is located. This enables the operator to use the system comprehensively and flexibly.

The functional principle

If an NC message, which the operator has categorised in advance as important, is generated during unmanned operation of the machine, then plain text information is sent to the user on his mobile phone as an SMS (short message service). Notifications about the machine status as well as messages defined in the NC program itself can also be transmitted.

An SMS informs the receiver about which status the machine is in, when the situation occurred and who has also been informed. This fulfils the prerequisite for fast and efficient intervention

Technical specifications

  • Available for both European and US frequencies
  • Automatic search function that finds the strongest network
  • Address book with names, telephone numbers and E-mail addresses
  • SMS messages (error, warning, information or user-defined messages) can be custom-defined for each user

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