The ideal management system for machining cell

SIGMA FMC generates and manages the data linked to production orders for a machining cell. The system is installed directly on the machine’s main control and optimizes management of the data, workpieces and tools connected with open production orders. Open orders are defined in parallel with machining operations executed on the machining center, thus enabling it to be used for its intended purpose – part production in automated mode.

Optimum management of work

The SIGMA FMC management system enables the work intended for the machining cell to be defined and managed in a flexible way. All the data for this work (order no., number of workpieces, number of programs, tools list, etc.) are kept in an organized way in the system and can be consulted at any time. After validation, the work to be executed is sent to an execution queue to be processed according to the degree of priority.

Optimum management of tools

Keeping an overall view of the content of the tool magazine in relation to the part batches to be produced is not always easy. SIGMA FMC checks the balance between the remaining lifespan of the tools and the part batches to be produced. If the lifespan is not sufficient, a "twin tools” strategy can be defined.

Optimum management of pallets

SIGMA FMC includes pallet identification. Supplied ID chips provide each a distinctive, permanently stored identity. As soon as a pallet is identified, all stored data in the database for this pallet is made available. An electronic ID system ensures high process safety:


  • Always the right machining programme
  • Always the right correction values
  • Always the right magazine position
  • Always the right machining sequence

Open System Architecture

By means of SIGMA’s open architecture, all GF Machining Solutions machines can be managed. Regarding multi machine facilities, System 3R can provide further assistance with the project planning and installation of the SIGMA Workshop Management System.

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