Condition-oriented monitoring for daily production

Conventional corrective maintenance is only performed when damage has already occurred. This leads to unexpected machine capacity loss and high maintenance costs. A prerequisite for preventive maintenance is, therefore, perfect knowledge of the condition of the machine and its components. Monitoring of the main spindle is the key. Condition-oriented monitoring makes spindle condition prognosis possible. SPS enables realtime inspection and contributes to effective servicing and efficient corrective maintenance with no effort of the user while the machine is running.

Operating Principle

Wear, age-related damage and overloading are the main reasons for spindle failure. Insufficient bearing lubrication or cooling failures accelerate wear. A real-time condition monitor compares the current state with knowledge- based target behaviour. Depending upon the severity of the situation, either an SPS warning or an SPS error message with a stop in production is triggered.

Case Example

An insufficient amount of bearing lubrication oil due to a snapped off lubrication line, amongst other things, leads to bearing damage in the long term. An SPS warning signal will be set off in this case before any damage is experienced by the spindle.


Your benefit

  • Automated self-monitoring of spindle condition
  • Earlier identification of spindle faults
  • Optimal time planning of corrective maintenance measures and, therefore, the avoidance of long outage periods after a spindle failure

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