FORM 200 EDM to Show Electrode Wear-Reduction Capability at IMTS

Sep 12, 2016 9:00 AM



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FORM 200 EDM to Show Electrode Wear-Reduction Capability at IMTS

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill., Sept. 12, 2016 – At IMTS 2016, GF Machining Solutions will debut its new FORM 200 die-sinking EDM (electrical discharge machine) that brings production-boosting features to applications that require the use of many electrodes. With such capability, this advanced machine offers substantial value especially to those manufactures machining molds and parts for the aerospace, automotive and energy industries.

The FORM 200 is equipped with an Intelligent Speed Power Generator (ISPG), a powerful digital generator that uses several patented technologies to reduce electrode wear and generate high levels of surface quality, material removal and accuracy of form. One such technology is GF Machining Solutions’ revolutionary iQ technology that dramatically reduces, and in some cases completely eliminates, electrode wear with graphite and copper electrodes. This improves productivity by reducing setup time and increasing machine utilization rates. It also lowers costs by decreasing the number of electrodes required.

Standard on the FORM 200 is iGAP, an embedded auto-adaptive system that alters the discharge current and pulse duration in real time according to machine conditions. This system enables the machine to deliver faster cutting speeds and reduces electrode wear, especially lateral wear, resulting in as much as 50 percent shorter machining times for completed parts.

To help manufacturers achieve more homogenous results and reduce the number of electrodes required, FORM 200 employs Wear Partitioning, a function that effectively manages electrode wear when machining multiple cavities with the same shape and depth. By spreading electrode wear evenly between all the cavities being machined, Wear Partitioning results in the same surface finish and dimensional tolerance requirements in all cavities machined throughout the process.

FORM 200’s powerful AC FORM HMI control system is easy to operate and streamlines mold making techniques. It maximizes production time through flexible job organization and interactive graphical assistance to make

programming faster.

The machine also increases efficiency of mold production, which frequently requires multiple electrodes, by accommodating integrated tool changers in a variety of configurations including linear, rotary or even an external robot. It houses up to five plates with 16, 30 or 32 positions per plate for a maximum of 160 electrodes. Additionally, a double gripper reduces unnecessary movements to speed up the loading process.

With a compact footprint of 74.8" x 66.53" x 94.4", the FORM 200 optimizes shop floor space and provides easy access to all functionalities. It has an X-axis travel of 13.78", a Y-axis travel of 9.84" and a Z-axis travel of 11.81", making it ideal for production of small and large helical gears, turbine blades and large electrodes.

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