GF Machining Solutions Introduces Advanced Wire EDM at IMTS

Sep 12, 2016 9:00 AM



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GF Machining Solutions Introduces Advanced Wire EDM at IMTS

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill., Sept. 12, 2016 – GF Machining Solutions will present its new high-precision AgieCharmilles CUT 2000 X advanced wire EDM at IMTS 2016 in booth (S-8754). Live in-booth machining demonstrations of a light emitting diode (LED) stamping die plate will showcase several of the CUT 200 X’s advanced features and micro machining capabilities.

The extremely accurate machine eliminates pitch and positioning errors that would otherwise result in scrapped parts and increased production costs. The machine’s precise positioning capabilities allow it to hold very tight part tolerances for the utmost in quality and surface finish.

With the CUT 2000 X, shops can easily achieve ±0.00006” pitch accuracy over 13.385” x 9.050” and the same for M-shape form accuracy at a maximum metal removal rate of 16.535” square/min. Stringent factory assembly standards and specific calibration tests ensure the machine’s performance for today’s complex, high-precision workpieces.

For the live IMTS machining demonstration, the CUT 2000 X will use its automatic wire-changing capability to both rough and finish cut the die plate’s no-core cavities in a single setup. The machine’s Advanced 3D Setup will precisely locate the part for fast, efficient set up, while an Integrated Vision Unit (IVU) will measure each cavity and transmit the accuracy results in real time.

To further enhance set ups, the accurate, efficient Advanced 3D Setup completes a variety of measurement cycles, including stepped parts and measurements outside the wire path.

The CUT 2000 X’s third-generation automatic wire changer automatically transitions between two different wires to both rough and finish parts. This technology eliminates the need to set up and align the machine between roughing and finishing operations, which dramatically improves cycle times and accuracy.

The machine’s patented universal 3-point wire guide system handles up to 30 degree tapers. Plus, the guides’ rotatable v-prisms can extend their working lives

for thousands of hours, and the same wire guide is used for wire diameters that range from 0.004” to 0.013”.

GF Machining Solutions developed the CUT X Series of machines in response to the growing demand for reliable high precision in large production runs of complex components. The machines’ precision is supported by adapted mechanical structures that ensure high accuracy and high thermal stability, as well as dedicated machine calibration and testing.

Machines in the CUT X Series are especially well suited to the production of stamping tools and multi-cavity molds for electronics, information and communications applications. They also excel in micro components for medical applications and watchmaking.

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