GF Machining Solutions Leads Customers to Tomorrow’s Smart Factories

Jun 9, 2016 12:00 PM

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill., June 8, 2016 – At IMTS 2016, GF Machining Solutions will showcase new strategies implemented to advance the development of Industry 4.0 – a growing, worldwide movement to create smart factories that incorporate machine intelligence, modern automation, data exchange and the latest manufacturing technologies.

One such technological advancement and an important step toward the establishment of a smart factory is GF Machining Solutions’ rConnect central communications platform. The rConnect platform offers the industry’s most in-depth remote machine tool analysis and its first phase is Live Remote Assistance (LRA). LRA allows customer-authorized remote assistance via the connection of machines to a GF Machining Solutions local diagnostics center and the company’s plants in real time. With LRA, either the manufacturer using the system or a GF Machining Solutions technician can conduct remote diagnostics and inspections.

“In the near future, rConnect will serve as a bridge to technologies that could, for example, predict the lifetime of machine components and consumables,” said Roberto Perez, head of Industry 4.0 at GF Machining Solutions. “In line with Industry 4.0, rConnect is just one more step toward the elimination of process downtime, improved machine performance and ensured fully predictive manufacturing process and product quality.”

GF Machining Solutions’ goal is to provide its customers with a seamless, connected factory where cyber-physical systems can communicate and collaborate. To do so, GF Machining Solutions works on the complex software and hardware integration to merge all elements in the manufacturing process – from the shop floor to logistics and human resource management systems. Every facet of the integrated factory will contribute to the optimization of the factory as a whole.

At IMTS, GF Machining Solutions will showcase several other technologies with important Industry 4.0 capabilities. These include its True Response to User Expectation (T.R.U.E.) and Integrated Vision Units (IVUs).

The T.R.U.E solution uses CAD/CAM software to secure digital data utilization through an interrupted workflow for highest accuracy and consistency, while IVUs are non-contact, vision-based measurement systems that deliver in-process part measurement and error compensation to improve productivity, accuracy and cost-efficiency. GF Machining Solutions’ machines are also compatible with other measurement technologies.

“Our Industry 4.0 approach is to create intelligent manufacturing solutions that target fully predictive processes that can be tailored for specific, fast-changing requirements of complex manufacturing industry segments,” added Perez. “We are aware of the challenges our customers face to consistently maintain high productivity, quality and accuracy while optimizing processes for cost effectiveness and increasing agility and flexibility for shifting market demands – which is why they are committed to leading the development of Industry 4.0.”


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