MIL Machine calibration

Milling- Machine calibration

Reach a higher measuring precision.

1 day 4 Operator Completion of the basic course, or the equivalent knowledge of programming and operating the CNC control.

This training is for the following machines:  MILL E, HEM - MILL S/X, HSM - MILL P, HPM.


You learn

  • iTNC530 or TNC640
  • Why geometry calibration is important
  • Verification of automatic machine calibration (AMC) 
  • Definition of AMC and how to operate (3-axis)
  • Definition of intelligent kinematic calibration (IKC) and how to operate (5-axis simultaneous)
  • Alignment and calibration of 5-axis simultaneous machine

Your benefits

  • Become autonomous in calibrating a Mikron Mill machine
  • Guarantee your machining accuracy
  • Master machining repeatability over time
  • Repeat the process easily to ensure a high-precision quality

Register here

Several sessions are offered regularly. Dates will be provided upon registration.

 Beginner (starting with the machine)
 Intermediate (minimum six months of practice on the machine)
 Confirmed (minimum two years of practice on the machine)
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