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 Beginner (starting with the machine)
 Operator (minimum six months of practice on the machine)
 Specialist (minimum two years of practice on the machine)

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Learn top operate:

 MILLING-3 Axis - MILL P,S series
 MILLING-3 Axis - Fundamentals
 EDM-Die Sinking-AC FORM HMI
 EDM-Wire-AC CUT 1
 EDM-Wire-AC CUT 2

Maximize performance:

 MILLING-Automatic and intelligent calibration
 MILLING-Touch probe set up
 EDM-Die Sinking - Advanced measuring
 EDM-Wire-Job creation & CAD CAM-AC CUT
 EDM-Wire-Job creation & CAD CAM-Vision


 Specifics training need(s)

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