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The GF Machining Solutions Uptime+ program provides unmatched service and support to our customers. Uptime+ allows you to make the most of your machine tool investment, increases your productivity and gives you peace of mind.

Read about how GFMS Uptime+ has helped others achieve maximum productivity:

Brunk Industries


Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Brunk Industries is achieves true around-the-clock production uptime. When the lights go out at night, the precision stamping shop's GF Machining Solutions equipment continues working to help shrink lead times.

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Lorentson Manufacturing


Kokomo, Indiana
Running our automated GF Machining Solutions machines overnight, on weekends and unattended gives us several additional shifts worth of work and allows us to cut weeks off our delivery times. GF Machining Solutions Uptime+ helps us get the most out of our machines through technical support and training, high quality replacement parts, consumables and preventive maintenance.

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