In a competitive global market, manufacturers cannot afford to operate machines below their full potential — 100% performance is a must. Without the proper training and support, your machine's potential drops 50% on average.
To ensure your GF Machining Solutions machine is meeting its full potential, your operators must gain the expertise needed to capitalize on its capabilities. GF Machining Solutions training programs will transform your employees into productive and motivated experts.

  • Training courses are designed to convey the most practical and beneficial information.
  • Expert machinists are able to get higher levels of performance out of the equipment they are operating.
  • Increasing knowledge and skills satisfies and motivates employees and helps retain a highly skilled workforce.

Customers with GF Machining Solutions machines under warranty receive free training at any of our Technology Centers.

GF Machining Solutions Training programs offer:


Unique Expertise
A GF Machining Solutions expert team member serves as a facilitator who can answer your questions and act as a real-time link between the training environment and the engineers who designed your machine. Because most GF Machining Solutions engineers have experience in the job shop environment, and are continuously trained in GF Machining Solutions factories and R&D departments, we are able to provide you with the best solutions to all your application challenges.

Customized Training Programs
The exclusive GF Machining Solutions Profiler tool allows you to visualize and build a training program that meets your needs and develops your skills in the five performance areas of automation, speed, complex machining, precision and surface finishing. Each training program is designed with the customer in mind.

Machine Familiarization
This initial training focuses on the basic skills needed to ensure optimal machine use. New operators learn how to edit programs, simulate machining to produce simple parts, manage part files and tool paths and correctly maintain the machine.

Consolidation of Skills
These intermediate-level training courses improve and deepen an operator's knowledge. Tailored to experienced users, these training courses teach operators how to use advanced functions and optimize the machining process in EDM. For milling, courses are available to teach operators how to choose tools and coatings, as well as defining parameters.

Designed for experienced users, specialization courses are offered to those wishing to hone their expertise in a specific area of machine performance, further deepening the operator's knowledge. Participants will learn advanced methods of preparing and adjusting machines to carry out complex operations that require extreme precision and skill.

Type Profiles of Your Customers' Needs
GF Machining Solutions takes training to another level by defining Type Profilers. These exclusive training courses identify, by machining type, the aspects of machine performance that must be mastered to meet your customers' unique needs.

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