Introducing the new Mikron MILL P 500 U

  • The Mikron MILL P 500 U enables continuous machining of complex forms and tough materials while shortening process time. Its advanced thermal stability ensures reliable precision over long machining periods. It delivers exceptional competitiveness by integrating smart Automation and ensuring process reliability.

    Productive and accurate
    machining of big parts


    Dynamic precision


    Surface finish (RA) on light
    or heavy parts


    Faster with the smart
    machine modules

    Power meets precision


    Dynamic Milling

    Fast and dynamic five-axis movement
    guarantees your accuracy, smooth surface
    finish, and best application accessibility.

    Process reliability

    Process stability guaranteed by a
    symmetrical polymer concrete machine bed
    designed to absorb vibrations, and watercooled
    components for consistent precision.


    A single part setup allows roughing and
    finishing on one machine and delivers faster
    processing and higher precision.


    A wide range of Step-Tec Spindle speeds
    and powers, paired with this solution’s axis
    dynamics, allow various machining cycle

    Intelligent productivity



    Smart Automation solutions keep your
    machines running all day and night.

    One-stop solution

    Palletized lines interconnected with robots
    and dedicated software management allow
    you to expand and be ready for tomorrow’s


    Select from a range of modules to enhance
    precision, productivity, energy savings, and
    machine lifetime.

    Small size, big impact

    Complete machining center in a small
    footprint saves space in your workshop.


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    Mikron MILL P 500 U