Graphite Electrodes

Graphite’s extraordinary characteristics make it the perfect material for electrodes. Graphite is largely used for electrical discharge machining (EDM) in production and other applications fields like mold making, general engineering and micro machining.


Banner Graphite Electrodes
  • Easy and quick machining, no deburring
  • Higher removal rate and high resistance to wear compare to copper 
  • Light weight with density four times lower than copper
  • High thermal stability and high resistant to thermal shock

Seleccione el grado de grafito que más se adapte a su aplicación

AC-K900 for fine and super-fine finishing
Premium super fine grade especially suitable for the most demanding processes. It allows the finest machining with maximum detail (molds for finest structures, high requirements for surface quality, multi-cavity dies).

AC - K500 for roughing

Standard grade suitable for applications such as roughing.

AC - K800 for finishing and fine finishing

Premium ultra-fine grade suitable for difficult contours and very thin details. Excellent machinability, applicable for high surface quality requirements, high share precision.

AC - K700 for roughing and finishing

Fine grade suitable for a large range of applications: molds for fine contours, ribs, and multi-cavity dies.

AC - K600 for roughiing and finishing

Universal and versatile grade suitable for molds with large contours, as well as alumimum die casting. The best solution for cost optimization.