Complex parts in perfection

Master the challenges of a wide range of applications and short term-market requirements Go from blank to finished part on the smallest footprint, thanks to a flexible 5-Axis machine and produce your part on one machine in a single clamping.

Fulfill market demands at any time just in time

4/7 flexible production which helps you to always be able to answer customers short-notice requests. Change from batch production to express job within minutes.

Go from order to finished part just fast

Fastest 5-Axis HSM precision solution with a optimised machine design to automated and get a reliable system for 24/7 5 axis machiining production.

MILL X 400 U - MILL X 600 U

100% precision right on time and process

With AMC (Automated Machine Calibration) as standard the machine geometry can be calibrated at any time within minutes by any operator. The powerful cooling of all machine components will keep your process stable.

+45% reduction of tool center point drift

The Ambient Robust technology enables a constant stabilization of the machine body temperature. Minimal movement of machine geometry will result in lowest possible drift of the tool center point.

+40% higher speed for more competitiveness

The strong linear motors capable of a speed up to 100m/min position you ahead of your competition. See your cost per part dropping thank to a higher machine dynamic.

24h billable autonomy

Integrated Automation with GF Machining Solutions most compact pallet changer. Preparation for third-party automation with robot interface. Even with automation access to working area is always enured.

Automation comes standard

Palletized automation is one of the best ways to cut down setup times and maximize spindle utilization – and it comes standard on MILL X U series machines. Whether it’s unmanned series production or a range of different parts, it’s ideal for any shop looking for the highest level of throughput. The machine also comes with a standardized robot interface to take the single-machine MILL X U.

Complex-part production, perfected

Designed to allow manufacturers to reach new levels of speed and productivity, the MILL X U series also offers ultra-high-speed spindles, integrated automation and smart machine modules that are all aimed at minimizing non-cut time and maximizing operator productivity. Superior surface finishes help to eliminate post-processing operations, and when operators do need to intervene, the ergonomic design makes access simple.

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