Make your life easier

Reduce manual interventions and gain processing time with the Automatic Slug Welding (ASW) functionality for welding to the cavity to easily remove the core before finishing cuts and Automatic Slug Management (ASM) requiring no operator presence. Both functionalities reduce your operator’s presence in front of the machine.

Maintain workpiece-independent precision

Preserve stable accuracy during axis movement, thanks to the QUADRAX system. The workpiece does not move, the axes’ mass is constant, and the axes are independent. In addition, the base has a lower thermal conductivity and a vibration damping system.

CUT P 350 Pro / CUT P 550 Pro / CUT P 800 Pro

Faster cutting speed

Achieve the quintessence of productivity with our latest-generation Intelligent Power Generator (IPG).

Cost per part

Reduce your cost per part and increase the number of parts produced with dedicated technologies for AC Cut VS+ wire.

Running costs

Reduce your running costs with our Eco machining functionalities.

Wire consumption

Significantly reduce the highest cost-intensive influence on running costs, thanks to optimized wire feed rate and faster technologies with the Intelligent Power Generator (IPG).

Increase your design possibilities

Experience EDM’s many strong advantages more conventional medical industry manufacturing methods. Count on our latest-generation wire EDM solutions to simplify your execution of complex geometries and benefit from reduced tooling costs, absence of machining forces, controlled biocompatibility, and a broad array of Automation choices.

Accuracy is the key to your productivity

Repeatability and longer tooling life are “must haves” with component miniaturization and increasing production volumes. Achieve the accuracy down to 2 µm, machining repeatability with thermostabilization and finer surface finishes down to Ra 0.08 µm essential to your daily success with the new CUT P Pro wire-cutting EDM series.

Optimize your workflow, reduce your time to market

Shorter time to market, larger product portfolios and zero-defect manufacturing call for shorter, more efficient manufacturing flows, more flexible production lines, and more reliable processes. Overcome these challenges with the SMART machine solutions as well as automation solutions to allow maximal productivity while keeping full flexibility. Two very contradictory notions.

Intelligent Spark Protection System (ISPS)

The ISPS module recognizes difficult machining conditions and automatically adapts the parameters to avoid wire breakage during roughing. The ISPS module benefits from Spark Track technology: It uses the spark distribution data to maximize machining performance and provide complete wire breakage protection.

Step into the future

The time you spend cutting is the time you are making money. That’s why GF Machining Solutions optimizes your productivity and machine availability with SMART and connected solutions.

Establish your autonomy WorkShopManager and CellManager take you to the next level of flexibility.

Ensure quality with monitoring and traceability eTracking digitizes your process monitoring.

Closer support for you Secure highest availability with rConnect.

Manage your resources Increase your efficiency with smart consumables.

CUT P 1250

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