Pioneers in high-speed performance

The industry’s leading high-speed 3-axis vertical CNC mills offer ten times the speed of conventional machining centers.

Highest productivity per square meter

A compact machine footprint with integrated automation options makes single MILL S machines into complete manufacturing cells.

Perfect parts the first time

Advanced milling capabilities minimize or eliminate post-processing and guarantee the surface finishes required for complex mold and part production.

Smarter machining

Intelligent Tool Measurement (ITM), Operator Support System (OSS), Econowatt and other smart machine modules increase reliability and reduce production costs.

MILL S 400 - MILL S 500 - MILL S 600 - MILL S 800

100% precision right on time and process

With AMC (Automated Machine Calibration) as standard the machine geometry can be calibrated at any time within minutes by any operator. The powerful cooling of all machine components will keep your process stable.

+45% reduction of tool center point drift

The Ambient Robust technology enables a constant stabilization of the machine body temperature. Minimal movement of machine geometry will result in lowest possible drift of the tool center point.

+25% productivity while increasing accuracy

The linear drives supports the require of a smooth and homogeneous surface finish in order to decreasing manual polishing. Software tools like OSS (Operator Support System) enables to match the machine parameter with your performance needs.

24h billable autonomy

Integrated Automation with GF Machining Solutions most compact pallet changer. Preparation for third-party automation with robot interface. Even with automation access to working area is always enured.


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