Higher quality at lower cost

Dedicated technology for connector mold machining, automatically generated by our TECFORM EXPERT system, produces the best cavity profile in minimized time. Sharp corners can be ensured and the edges can be free of defects. The mold insert is then ready to be used for the next manufacturing step.

Ultra simplified work process

This solution's human-machine interface (HMI) allows you to prepare the machining operation in a very simple and fast way, only one screen page is required for the whole preparation. The machine set-up, including measuring operations, is also very logical and efficient, so operators can quickly go from one machine to another, maximizing the erosion time. Reduce your time to market and your cost per part. This solution’s highly responsive and ergonomic HMI enables an extremely fast setup and very fast connector machining.

AgieCharmilles FORM P 330 D


The intuitive AC FORM HMI allows the operator to quickly program an erosion operation. With the ability to use ISO G codes as well as M codes, it is very easy to update an existing program or customize certain operations. Moreover the HMI's excellent reponse to user's manipulation is a real time saver.


Automation keeps production going nonstop. Your results are shorter lead times, higher productivity and quicker payback of capital invested in your die-sinking EDM machines. With the Rotary Tool Changer (RTC) and System 3R robot solutions, production can continue running round the clock, seven days a week. The possibilities are endless with our die-sinking EDM solutions.

Machining repeatability

Whatever the size of the part, you will benefit from fully repeatable machining results, thanks to the machine structure enabling high precision and the solution's dedicated, ready-to-use connector EDM technology. The cavities profile (depth, for example) is highly respected, and there is no edge fusion on top of the cavities.


FORM P 330 D


Architecture C-frame/Fixed table/Drop tank
Machine dimensions (*)

1960 x 1690 x 2590 mm

77.16 x 66.54 x 101.97 in

Total weight (without dielectric) 

2025 kg

4464 lbs

Floor space (**)

3700 x 3400 mm

146.6 x 133.8 in

X-, Y-, Z-axes

X, Y, Z travel (*)

330 x 250 x 300 mm

13 x 9.84 x 11.81 in

X-, Y-axes speed

6 m/min

19.7 ft/min

Z-axis speed

6 m/min

19.7 ft/min

Positioning resolution X, Y, Z 

0.05 µm

0.000002 in

Work area

Worktank size (*)

790 x 530 x 350 mm

31.1 x 20.86 x 13.78 in

Worktable size (**)

500 x 400 mm

19.68 x 15.75 in

Distance floor to clamping level

1070 mm

42.12 in

Min./Max. distance between table and chuck (***)

150-450 mm

5.9-17.7 in

Workpiece and electrode

Max. electrode weight

15 kg

33 lbs

Max. workpiece weight

100 kg

220 lbs

Max. workpiece dimensions (*)

700 x 460 x 200 mm

27.56 x 18.11 x 7.87 in

Bath level (programmable)

0 - 250 mm

0 - 9.84 in

* Width x depth x height ** Width x depth *** With C-axis Eco + System 3R Macro

Dialectric unit


200 l

52.8 gal

Number of filter elements and type 2 Paper filter
Heat exchanger for the dielectric Integrated (Dielectric-Water)
Flushing injections 2 laterals, 1 through the work piece, 1 through the electrode, 1 suction


Generator type ISPG
Max. machining current 40 A
Best surface finish RA

0.1 µm

4 µin

Electrical supply

Standard voltage 3 x 380/400 ± 10% V
Frequency 50/60 (50 standard) Hz

Control unit

Operating system Windows 10
Data input 17” LCD screen, mouse or touch screen, keyboard and remote control
User interface AC FORM HMI
Expert system TECFORM

Rotary Tool Changer (RTC8-LE) *

Number of electrodes 8
Max. electrode weight

5 kg

11 lbs

Max. electrode dimension

150 x 50 mm or Ø75 mm

13 x 1.96 in Ø2.95 in

Height: 180 mm

Height: 7.08 in

C-axis *

Max. electrode weight on automatic chuck 

15 kg

33 lbs

Rotation speed 0-100 rpm
Max. inertia

2000 kgcm2

683 lbsin2

Measuring system *

3D probe System 3R or Erowa

Heat exchanger *

Air/water for the cabinet

* options


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