Maximize throughput with exceptional reliability and dynamics

Digital drive technology, the most rapid control system in the world and outstanding Step-Tec Spindles ensure long-term performance.

Take processes to the next level with smart machine modules

A comprehensive smart machine module package makes it easy to get the best out of your machines, no matter the application or industry.

Achieve the highest precision and outstanding surface finishes

Cutting-edge components and GF’s complete process know-how make these the perfect machines for the most challenging surface and tolerance requirements.

Keep machines running uninterrupted with integrated automation

Fully integrated pallet magazines offer standard unmanned automation, while a highly accessible design makes further robot integration simple.

MILL X 400 - MILL X 600 - MILL X 800

100% precision right on time and process

With AMC (Automated Machine Calibration) as standard the machine geometry can be calibrated at any time within minutes by any operator. The powerful cooling of all machine components will keep your process stable.

+45% reduction of tool center point drift

The Ambient Robust technology enables a constant stabilization of the machine body temperature. Minimal movement of machine geometry will result in lowest possible drift of the tool center point.

+40% higher speed for more competitiveness

The strong linear motors capable of a speed up to 100m/min position you ahead of your competition. See your cost per part dropping thank to a higher machine dynamic.

24h billable autonomy

Integrated Automation with GF Machining Solutions most compact pallet changer. Preparation for third-party automation with robot interface. Even with automation access to working area is always enured.


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