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System 3R's Customer Services

  • Ensuring productivity.
  • Reducing running costs and wasted parts.
  • Maximizing the return on your System 3R investments.
  • Extending the product lifetime of your System 3R equipment while maintaining optimum precision.
  • Ensuring robot cell safety satisfies present machine directives.

System 3R’s Customer Services is uniquely positioned to help you maximize the availability, value, precision and productivity of your System 3R equipment. Our cost-effective, customer-centric and expert services put your success at the center, ramp up your productivity and ensure predictable, uninterrupted uptime. System 3R’s service engineers are your expert partners for a wide range of success-triggering services.

Cell computer & WSM software upgrade


Have you considered?

  • System 3R’s cell computers are extremely important for production cell reliability. All our cell computers are thoroughly tested to work with System 3R software and hardware.
  • System 3R’s cell computers are adapted for industrial use and must not be compared with ordinary consumer computers.
  • As of April 2014, Microsoft is stopping maintenance and support of WIN XP. This can lead to future problems with upgrades and drivers.
  • When installing new cell computers with WIN 7, CellManager will need to be upgraded.
  • WorkCenter and CellManager are constantly being expanded with new, useful functions.
  • New software and hardware minimize the risk of future production losses in the production cell.
  • If software and hardware are replaced simultaneously, System 3R offers a package solution
    at a discounted price.

For details, please ask for a copy on your own: T-1224-E "Cell computer & WSM software upgrade"

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CE marking of Robot cells


The CE marking, is a mandatory conformity marking for certain products sold within European Economic Area (EEA). Even though all components in a cell have a separate CE conformity, the cell as a complete unit must be CE marked. System 3R has developed routines and checklists on how these requirements should be met.

System 3R is your skilled partner for CE marking of your robot cell.

CE-Marking of the complete robot cell is mandatory to comply with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

For details, please ask for a copy on your own: T-1217-E "CE  marking of Robot cells"

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