Preventive maintenance & inspection

System 3R's Customer Services

  • Ensuring productivity.
  • Reducing running costs and wasted parts.
  • Maximizing the return on your System 3R investments.
  • Extending the product lifetime of your System 3R equipment while maintaining optimum precision.
  • Ensuring robot cell safety satisfies present machine directives.

System 3R’s Customer Services is uniquely positioned to help you maximize the availability, value, precision and productivity of your System 3R equipment. Our cost-effective, customer-centric and expert services put your success at the center, ramp up your productivity and ensure predictable, uninterrupted uptime. System 3R’s service engineers are your expert partners for a wide range of success-triggering services.

Masters & Calibration tools


Calibration of measuring instruments in accordance with ISO 9001
All ISO 9001 certified companies know that there are requirements in respect of procedures for the calibration of measuring instruments. This is because it is essential that all measuring equipment used in the company shows the correct results.

Masters and calibration tools from System 3R should be checked/reset using other measuring tools. Consequently, we offer a calibration service as detailed below.

  • Your System 3R masters and calibration tools are inspected and calibrated as per ISO 9001.
  • A calibration report and a new quality certificate are issued.
  • Digital registration in System 3R’s measuring device register (with possibility of automatic reminders via email when it is time for a new calibration).

For details, please ask for a copy on your own: T-1214-E "Masters & Calibration tools"

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Reference & zero point systems


Planned maintenance reduces unplanned production stops. Preventive maintenance can be scheduled on the basis of calendar time or operating time. Planned maintenance should be carried out at least once every 12 months.

  • High quality assured with System 3R servicing
  • Servicing as per the service schedule.
  • Authorised service technicians.
  • Always original parts.
  • Maintained precision and performance.
  • Regular offers for “call-back visits” when it is time for maintenance and inspection.

For details, please ask for a copy on your own: T-1215-E "Reference & zero point systems"

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Unplanned stops of your automatic cells can be very expensive. To reduce the risk of unplanned downtime, we offer preventive maintenance agreements.
System 3R’s products are built to give extremely long lifetime. To ensure this durability, annual maintenance and inspection are required.

For details, please ask for a copy on your own: T-1216-E "Automation"

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