Delphin BIG


For large part manufacturing


The largest member of the Delphin family ventures into new dimensions.

The modular Delphin BIG zero-point clamping system allows the machine table to be equipped with position-determining chucks.

This opens up entirely new approaches for production of large workpieces or production of large moulds.

Delphin BIG allows the workpiece to be clamped outside the machine, thus offering major cost savings from reduced set-up times and enhanced flexibility.

Delphin BIG is suitable for manual and automated applications.


Your advantages

  • Can be used for large workpieces
  • Maximize machining times thanks to reduction of set-up times by up to 90%
  • Unmanned production option thanks to automation
  • Universal palletisation for metal-cutting manufacturing 
  • and measurement processes 
  • Simple loading thanks integrated pre-centring
  • Thermal expansion of the workpieces of up to ±0.4 mm can be accommodated
  • High clamping forces for high-performance machining