MacroJunior & MacroCombi




… gives extreme flexibility
… one chuck, two systems
… reduces setting-up times.
… ensures precision and quality
… is suitable for automatic changing with System 3R’s automation program.

Profitability in tool manufacturing is determined largely by the extent to which machine downtime can be minimised. A reference system which allows presetting away from the machine – followed by super-rapid tooling-up in the machine when the time comes – is a highly efficient way of working. MacroCombi is such a reference system.

The MacroCombi system offers extreme flexibility both in electrode production and in die-sinking EDM. Small and large electrodes in the same chuck – without adapter elements!

The MacroCombi chucks accept two completely different types of electrode holder. Both Macro with its immovable stability and precision, and MacroJunior with its highly economical holders. The limitations are few, the possibilities many.

  • Clamping force – 5000 N
  • Fixed index positions Macro 4x90° MacroJunior 3x120°
  • Required air pressure, pneumatic chuck – 6±1 bar
  • Recommended tightening torque, manual chuck – 4 Nm



Blanks mounted on MacroJunior holders for the manufacture of electrodes. The stock range is matched to local preferences and ways of working. This applies to electrode materials...


Chucks adapters

Pallets & Holders

User kits