"The most widespread reference system in the world"


... reduces setting-up times
... gives rapid and precise mounting
... is suitable for automatic changing with System 3R's automation program.

The ancestor of the reference systems! The introduction of the Mini system in the early 1970s created the basis for efficient electrode production and spark-erosion machining. Electrodes could now be produced mounted on inexpensive holders. Subsequent alignment of the electrodes in the spark-erosion machine was eliminated. The Mini system introduced the precision and flexibility that had until then been absent from spark erosion technology.

The Mini system provides rapid and exact mounting of the electrode holders in hydraulic quick-change chucks. This high change accuracy is achieved thanks to the two chambers of the hydraulic system, which expand uniformly and provide symmetrical locking against the fixed Z reference with angular location.

The Mini system is a “Reverse Reference System”, in which the chuck adapts itself to the electrode holder, which is why all electrode holders must be exactly alike – in diameter, roundness, straightness and hardness – to meet the accuracy requirements.

Even today, the Mini system is probably the most widespread reference system in the world.

  • Clamping force – 4000 N