… gives a definite position with fixed references
… minimal investment, cutting production costs
… fast setup with just a few simple manual actions
… the expanding mandrel minimises wear in the reference holes.


3Refix expanding mandrels (2 pcs) determines the position. First 3Refix mandrel is to determine X/Y-position and the second to determine the angle

Increased productivity need not mean heavy investments in new machines.

3Refix is remarkably simple way to lay a solid foundation from which to view the future with confidence – tool up without indication and cut your production costs!

3Refix technology is based on a modular hole pattern with 100x100 mm pitch and 20 mm diameter reference holes. The reference tables have clearly-marked reference holes – A1, A2, B1, B2 etc – and every accessory has two 20 mm diameter holes, which pick up the references from the table. The R0-hole gives the X/Y-position and the R1-hole gives the angle relative to the axes of the machine. This makes it possible to set up the workpiece without the need for alignment and gauging afterwards. So 3Refix accessories provide an unmistakable and fixed position with known references.

The accessories in the 3Refix range usually have a reference height of 30 mm, among other things to allow machining straight through the workpiece. The design also allows a flush pot to be pushed in under the workpiece during EDM machining.

The full effect of 3Refix technology is attained by consistent application with general systemization and standardization of all machine tables and accessories. System 3R can supply reference tables for practically all types and sizes of machines – reference tables that give a distinct interface between machine table and auxiliary tool.

With the aid of 3Refix you can very quickly change the set-up of the machine from one machining operation to another in a few simple operations – One Minute Set-up!

  • Repetition accuracy 0.005 mm.

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