Preconditions for efficient, economical and flexible production

Every production plant uses clamping elements, jigs, fixtures, reference pallet systems to be able to clamp the range of workpieces machined efficiently and economically.
The Delphin modular zero-point clamping system allows the machine table to be equipped individually with position-deter-mining chucks.
It thus allows the complete work area to be used and offers substantial advantages in relation to reducing setting times and enhanced flexibility thanks to substitution of preset workpieces.
Consequently, it opens up entirely new options for manual and automated workpiece change.

  • Maximisation of machine runtimes by reduction in setting times by up to 90%
  • Setting outside of the machine 
  • Standardisation of clamping systems
  • Optimisation of production technology and product quality
  • Unmanned production by automation
  • Modernisation of existing machines by retrofitting with Delphin

Specifications Delphin



We always recommend that workpieces, jigs or fixtures be clamped with at least four Delphin chucks.

If this is not possible, chuck the workpiece, jig or fixture to a pallet or select cutting parameters accordingly.

Advantages of the hydraulic

Advantages of the hydraulic system if used horizontally

Protection of the Z-support of the chuck when loading heavy devices

Gentle clamping


One major advantage of using hydraulic systems instead of pneumatic systems is controlled lowering of the workpieces during the clamping operation. The workpiece is lowered slowly onto the Z-supports, consequently protecting them.

The Z-supports are cleaned during this clamping operation on the HHP/HCP chuck. This increases accuracy over the years and thus prolongs the service life of the Delphin chucks.





A HSP/HHP chuck can raise a weight of 400 kg at an hydraulic pressure of 35 bar. With 4 chucks, this results in a total workpiece weight of 1600 kg.

Advantages of pneumatic

Advantages of pneumatic

Application for vertical installation


In the case of vertical installation, there is no lifting function. For example, the pneumatic chucks (PHP, PSP) are bettersuited on turrets.

Gentle clamping is not advisable vertically and the connecting with pneumatic hoses is simpler.


Automation with Delphin

Automation with Delphin

Automation demands special preconditions in a clamping system, and these are already met by the Delphin and Delphin BIG versions.


Depending on the Delphin system, activation is either pneumatic or hydraulic. The control signals can be sent from the machine or from the robot to the corresponding machine valves which then perform activation of the Delphin system.

There is also the option of activating a Delphin hydraulic unit directly by control air.

On the Delphin BIG system, the control signals can be 

routed directly to the hydraulic unit. In this case, no valves are required on the machine for controlling the Delphin BIG chucks.

Please use our standard automation pallets.

Should you require different pallet sizes, please contact your System3R salesperson. 

OEM Automation with Delphin

Integration of the Delphin chucks directly into the machine table


Delphin in EDM machines

Delphin in EDM machines

Specific products optimised for this application must be used for Delphin in EDM machines.


On EDM solutions, there are certain differences by comparison with other applications.

The chucks must also always remain dry in the flooded machine compartment.

For this, seal rings are fitted on the chucks, and the drain holes are replaced by lateral connection holes.

HCP Chucks

HCP Base plates

HSP Chucks

HSP Base plates

HHP Chucks

HHP Base plates

PSP Chucks


PSP Base plates

PHP Chucks


PHP Base plates

PHPA Chucks


PHPA Base plates

Control systems

Connection equipment


Standard pallets Delphin

Cover plates


Spare parts

Customised Delphin Applications