… Extremely high accuracy.
… High-precision machines are linked together in the production chain, without detracting from the extreme accuracy.
… Feedback to the machine for supplementary machining after inspection is possible. This feedback is only meaningful if the pallet system is at least as accurate as the measuring machine.

Nano-precision machining requires nano-precision referencing of workpieces and tools- a real challenge even with state of the art solutions available in the market. This becomes even more challenging when the references need to be established in the shortest possible time.

MacroNano system is best described in two words as precise and quick! The MacroNano clamping system links the production chain through an ultra-precision coupling both for workpiece and tool holding.

  • Repetition accuracy – within 0,001 mm
  • Locking force – 6000 N
  • Fixed index positions 4x90°
  • Required air pressure, pneumatic chuck – 6±1 bar
  • Recommended max workpiece weight – 50 kg.