Matrix & MatrixNano


Measures to reduce the downtime of your machines are significantly more worth while than chasing seconds in the actual machining process. What matters is to keep the machines running. And that’s when you need an interface that gives fast setting-up.

The Matrix system is just that kind of interface. Setting-up in parallel away from the machine while it is working and then setting up in a matter of seconds in the stationary machine. Important for long runs, but crucial for the profitability of short runs or one-piece production.

The design has been optimised for metal-cutting machining and is ideal for work involving high machining forces. The generous diameter of the drawbar means short distances between the references and the applied locking force, giving maximum stability and accuracy. The inherent properties of the Matrix system truly come into their own in tough machining applications.

As well as extreme accuracy, Matrix features low construction height, ultra-precise indexing, a drawbar with through hole. The through hole allows high/long workpieces to be sunk into the chuck for stable/rigid fixation.


… reduces setting-up times
… ensures precision and quality
… has automatic air-blast cleaning of the references
… is sealed against dirt and swarf – withstands severe work environments
… has enhanced clamping force – turbo locking
… is suitable for automatic changing with System 3R’s automation program.