(Vibration-Damped Palletisation)


…reduces cutting forces by up to 25%. Lower cutting forces gives lower power consumption and less tool wear.
…lengthens tool life tool wear by up to 30%, giving lower tool costs.
…lengthens the life of the machine spindle. Less vibration in the machine spindle extends the life of the spindle by at least 30%.
…gives shorter lead times. VDP allows machining with higher cutting data – better utilisation of the existing machine capacity. A 30 % capacity increase is within your reach.

The picture
Example Micro Milling:

VDP advantages: The electrode Aspect Ratio
(L/ Ø) was doubled with VDP.
Dimensions: Ø 0.134 mm, length 4.8 mm

With conventional chucks, vibrations of the workpiece caused by the dynamic forces due to the action and rotation of the cutting tool. Restrictions therefore have to be imposed on the rotation speed and feed rate of the cutting tool, to prevent instability and to achieve the necessary surface quality.

Advantages of a damped chuck
After intensive research into the dynamics of chuck systems, machine tool maker System 3R has developed and patented a chuck with vibration-damped palletisation (VDP). By reducing the vibrations of the workpiece and a considerable proportion of the vibrations of the cutting tool, the VDP technology improves the dynamics of the entire metal cutting process. This means that machine tools can be operated at higher speeds with greater accuracy and at the same time with less wear. Workpieces can usually be produced in a single operation within strict dimensional tolerances and with a surface quality in the micrometer range – a millionth of a metre.

+    Higher material removal rate improves productivity.
+    Better surface finish reduces the need for finishing.
+    Less tool wear extends the life of the cutting tools.
+    Less vibration in the machine spindle.
+    Better dimensional accuracy gives fewer rejects.
+    Greater scope for machining difficult materials and complex shapes.
+    Shorter lead times thanks to a higher material removal rate.
+    Lower noise level during machining

Process Stability Analysis (Swiss machine tool manufacturer)
Cutting Speed (RPM) Axel Depth of Cut (mm)
Increase in removal rate due to VDP (%)
  MacroMagnum Std MacroMagnum VDP  
8500 3.5
4.5 28.6
9000 4.0
9.0* 125
10000 3.0
9.0* 200
* Depth of cut is limited by the cutting tool used for the tests and not by the VDP.