Powder Compacting Technology

System 3R – Simple, quick & precise!

  • Simple, quick set-up
  • High accuracy
  • Low scrap rate
  • Maximal machine utilization
  • Increased productivity


Use System 3R tooling when producing punches and dies
Gives an increased productivity in the Tool shop by a reduction of the set-up times, improved accuracy & quality and reduced number of rejections.

Use System 3R tooling also in the powder compaction process
Reduces the set-up times in the press and gives an improved
accuracy & quality and less repairs.

Fitting the machines with the same reference system means that electrodes and workpieces can be moved between the machines without subsequent alignment and checking – One Minute Set-up.

Higher productivity, calculation example:
  Conventional setting-up Pallet system
Working time per day 8 8
Setting-up time per day (hours) -4 -0.5
Spindle time per day =4 =7.5
Working days per week x5 x5
Spindle time per week =20 =37.5
Faster payback, calculation example:
  Conventional setting-up Pallet system
Hourly invoicing (Euro) 50
Spindle time/week (hours) x20
Revenue /week (Euro) =1 000 =1 875
Capital cost of machine (Euro) 150 000
150 000
Capital cost pallet system (Euro) 0
+10 000
Total capital outlay (Euro) =150 000 =160 000
Paybacktime (weeks) 150 85

A reference system minimises setup times
Every minute that can be converted from internal to external setting time increases the spindle time of the machine and with it the productivity of the business.

Big earnings are within your reach
The machine generates revenue when its spindle is turning – and only then.
Work smarter, not harder.

The Macro system for punches


Choice of reference element is determined by required pressing force.

The Matrix system for dies and punches


3Refix for dies


3Refix is a cost effective solution. The 3Refix expanding mandrels (2 pcs) determines the position. First 3Refix mandrel is to determine X/Y-position and the second to determine the angle.


Z-reference surface
2. 3Refix mandrels dia. 10 mm
3. Customer made die
4. Die plate
5. Die plate only requires two holes for 3Refix mandrels.

Procedure (always)
A. Tighten R0 (primary)
B. Tighten R1 (secondary)


Positioning accuracy & angular accuracy


Positioning accuracy
Improved positional accuracy.
Closer tolerances for finer grains.

1. Conventional setting-up
2. Setting-up with System 3R

Angular accuracy
Smaller angular deviations.
Less wear and damage to punch and die.

3. Conventional setting-up
4. Setting-up with System 3R

Choice of chuck, sets permissable max press load for punches