Single level configuration


Manual option
Upper punch: Manual chuck dia. 75, Macro PM, 3R-600.27-XX
2. Die with 3Refix mandrels: 3Refix mandrel, 3R-901-10PM-TX
3. Lower punch: Manual chuck dia. 75, MacroPM, 3R-600.27-XX with Distance block, Macro PM, 90615-02
4. Core rod

Note: Press adaptor could also be produced upon request.

Automatic option
Pneumatic chuck, Macro PM, 3R-600.17-X2
6. Pneuomatic chuck, Matrix 142, 3R-690.1-142
7. Pneumatic chuck, Macro PM, 3R-600.17-XX
8. Core rod dia 10.1 (option dia 16)