Mounting heads


Rapid setup is essential if you want to benefit from the material removal capacity and the accuracy offered by modern machines. However, faster machines with increased flushing pressure cause resonance and vibration. So in order to fully utilise the capability of the machines it is necessary to have stable tools and workpiece mountings.

  • Setup done in seconds
  • Gives maximum workpiece precision 
  • Utilises the machine capacity
  • More stable than any other system
  • Minimal vibration
  • Minimises resonance.


Pre-set in three axes with System 3Rs levelling adapter. This can be done with an accuracy of thousandths of a millimetre!

The simple, directly measurable references of the levelling adapter mean that presetting can be done on an ordinary surface plate, using one of System 3R’s presetting stones.

Preset away from the machine. Lift the preset “package” into place – levelling adapter, holder and workpiece – fix with a few simple manual operations and start the machine. Simple, quick and precise.