Delphin BIG Chucks

Technical data

  • Workpiece weight (recommended): <10‘000 kg
  • Centre distance (recommended): 400 - 1000 mm
  • Clamping force: 50 kN
  • Holding force: 100 kN
  • Presence control: yes
  • Lift-off function: yes, 2 mm
  • Max. lift-off weight per chuck: pressure-dependent (see diagram)
  • Releasing: hydraulic 40-60 bar
  • Clamping: hydraulic 30 bar and locked mechanically
  • Material: steel, hardened
  • Repetition: accuracy ± 0.005 mm
  • Compressed air: 6 bar
  • Recommendation: at least 4 chucks per application





Closing: 30 bar

Recommendation 40-50 bar
The opening pressure can also be 30 bar as for closing.


Clamping non-symmetrical workpieces



In the case of non-symmetrical workpieces, it is frequently the case that they cannot be lifted horizontal. They are suspended at an angle on the frame. When clamping on conventional chucks, this inclined position poses major problems.

This is not the case on Delphin BIG. As shown by the illustration, the workpiece can still be clamped with no major problems even with major inclination.

Z-support guard

Z-support guard


The Z-supports of Delphin BIG clamping bushings and rings are protected by an all-round ring: the Z-supports remain protected if the workpiece is placed on the floor.

If the workpiece moves into the chucks, the edge of the bushing strikes the cone of the chuck. These minor impacts may leave notches on the clamping bushing. There is a recess at the end of the cone (chuck) in order to prevent inaccuracies of the system, consequently ensuring constant accuracy.

Max. lift-off weight per chuck




How to read the diagram:

A chuck Delphin BIG revision 4 can raise a weight of 2100 kg
at an hydraulic pressure of 50 bar. 

(A chuck Delphin BIG up to revision 3
 may raise a weight of maximal 1500 kg.)