Core Competences

GF Machining Solutions - Step-Tec Spindle

Step-Tec AG – Competence in Rotation

  • Motorized spindles for application in milling and grinding, featuring highest performance density available on the marketplace (power, torque, dimensions)
  • Machine components featuring high precision bearings and/or direct drive technology for shafts in rotation
  • Precision components for machinery and devices
  • Integrated sensor technology for process monitoring, process documentation and process optimization
    • Acceleration/Vibration
    • Temperature
    • Displacement
  • Global logistic solutions around repair and refurbishment of spindles and components

Step-Tec AG – Competence in Precision

  • Consulting
  • Engineering (mechanical, electrical)
    • Co-engineering together with customer
  • Manufacturing of precision parts
    • Turning
    • Milling
    • Grinding (center grinding, surface grinding, thread grinding)
    • Balancing
    • Inspection
  • Precision assembly
  • Test (fully equipped laboratory)
  • After sales service
    • Spare parts, repair, exchange
    • Commissioning, training
    • Analysis in the field