Step-Tec AG has been developing and producing motor spindles for the mold making, production and aerospace sectors since 1995. These high precision spindles are performing reliably in machine tools of leading machinery manufacturers throughout the world.


The name Step-Tec has been given to the fast growing company by the two founders whose origin has been in the spindle business. Back in 1995 they started producing motor spindles in a small shed turned into a machine shop with just a hand full of people.

To increase productivity, High-Speed Machining became the key factor to compete on the market in the 90’s as Mikron, already then, was one of the leading Swiss machine tool manufacturer.

Thanks to the ever increasing demand for motor spindles and to the ties these individuals had to this company, they took the chance to develop and build a high speed motor spindle to meet just Mikron’s demand for high rpm mold construction spindles.

This HVC140 motor spindle became so successful in Mikron’s High-Speed Machining centers,  that Step-Tec produced over 3700 units to date. Since Mikron became the main customer of Step-Tec motor spindles, Step-Tec has been taken over by the GF Machining Solutions in 2002.

Located in Luterbach, Switzerland in a new spacious facility, built in 2000, Step-Tec grew over the years to the current number of 100 employees with a turn over of close to 35 million Swiss Francs. By the end of 2014 we manufactured and delivered a total number of new motor spindles of 21,000 since the beginning.

Today we are building 70 different spindle variants with diameters starting from 90 mm up to 320 mm. This refers to a power range from approximately 1 kW to 82 kW. We do manufacture all key components in house that require a high level of Know-how and must meet highest quality and precision standards. That guaranties high spindle reliability and a long service life the customer will benefit from.

To keep up with the latest state of the art spindle technology, Step-Tec lives a close cooperation with renowned research institutes and technical universities.
We do greatly profit from the synergy that we share with GF Machining Solutions as they provide us with the unique opportunity to test new spindle developments on their machines under real time machining conditions.
Achieve more … does apply to all customers in the sense that they will receive a motor spindle that has been milling and proven its performance.

Our motor spindles are installed in machine tools of 70 different customers, distributing their machining centers worldwide.