High speed and high performance motor spindles often represent the most expensive and sophisticated single component of any machine tool. Starting with the production of the motor spindle, its integration into the machine tool as well as its maintenance and repair during its entire working life, care is vital.


Regular wear and exposure to vibrations or even crash events are all factors that determine the eventual repair or at worse the exchange of the motor spindle. Another important aspect results from the required availability of the production capacity. This factor leads to the decision whether the spindle can be sent to the manufacturer for repair or if an exchange spindle has to be called in immediately or whether a replacement motor spindle must be stocked at the customers premises for immediate on site exchange.


Advantages that pay off:


  • Disassembly/assembly of the defective motor spindle is executed by the very same staff that assembles new spindles so that it is ensured that the latest product news and up-dates are incorporated in the spindle to be repaired.
  • Availability of all spare parts is sourced from the spindle manufacturers stock.

  • Specific knowledge of all crucial details on the bearing settings; only this insures that the repaired spindle receives axial and radial rigidity that were initially specified for the new spindle. All this considerably affects and prolongs the service life of the motor spindle.

  • Complete testing of all functions on the repaired spindle as if it was a newly manufactured one and thereby granting the full warranty.

  • Where appropriate, we can provide recommendations towards optimizing the spindle’s service life based on the analysis of the wear and damage the spindle had to endure.

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