STEP-TEC Spindles

Today Step-Tec AG develops and builds some 70 different types of spindles in diameters ranging from 90 mm to 320 mm, covering a performance range of 1 to 100 kW, that deliver torques of up to 550 Nm on its most powerful spindle. Both, induction motors with speeds up to 60’000 rpm and synchronous motors with highest power density and agility are available in our spindles depending on the application.

Step-Tec Spindles

Engineering - Development

Our core business always was and still is the design of motor spindles for machine tools. Our engineering crew for mechanical but also electrical design works with modern CAD-CAM systems along with its supporting math- and physics- calculating programs and verifying tools.

All task that need to be executed throughout the design process are the same, whether we develop a spindle or any other machinery component or sub assembly as a hole.

Part of a successful design of any new component what so ever, is an intense performance test to prove its suitability in the field.

Our fully equipped laboratory serves just that purpose to carry out long term performance and endurance tests. For any new spindle development, this is followed by a month long stress test under real condition for instance in a milling machine in our application centre.

Whether you’re looking for a full scale engineering of your spindle or sub-assembly or a partial engineering, we offer just these services so you can benefit from our broad experience in precision machinery engineering.


Sub-Assemblies for Machine Tools

Step-Tec has a broad experience in precision assembly as well as in the design and layout of direct drive and bearing technology. Our facilities are equipped with all what is required for prototype manufacturing and testing. We offer to participate as a development and manufacturing partner for sub-assemblies to the machine tool industry.