3D Vibration diagnostic


3D Vibration sensor

Vibrations occurring in machining processes or in any moving machinery components are always undesirable if not to say cause long term damage on machinery components while reducing the surface finish on the machined work piece.
Step-Tec AG, known for manufacturing precision motor spindles for High-speed and High performance applications has collected extensive experience when it comes to vibration monitoring and vibration analysis in machinery components. For that Step-Tec has developed an all new 3D acceleration sensor with the appropriate interface electronic. This patented sensor picks up vibrations to 50g for all three planes of directions. We offer this sensor to all interested customers: 3D-BS50 or 3D-BS50M.

3D System hardware

To further process the unidirectional vibration signals of our 3D sensor, Step-Tec offers the appropriate interface electronic. It delivers processed data via a serial interface to the machine control for process optimization or for the technician to perform vibration diagnostics on site.

For the later, Step-Tec offers a portable V3D vibration monitoring system in a system case which includes a magnetic base vibration sensor that can be affixed on any machinery component for vibration diagnostics. There is also an IP67 wet room version of the V3D system available that can be installed in the machining compartment.

Spindle Diagnostic Software SDS

In addition, Step-Tec offers a tailored PC based Spindle Diagnostic Software SDS that provides all the functions for executing diagnostics and analysis for process optimization.

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