Step-Tec Spindles

Today Step-Tec AG develops and builds some 70 different types of spindles in diameters ranging from 90 mm to 320 mm, covering a performance range of 1 to 82 kW, that deliver torques of up to 1200 Nm on its most powerful spindle.
Both, induction motors with speeds up to 60’000 rpm and synchronous motors with highest power density and agility are available in our spindles depending on the application.


Step-Tec offers a wide range of:

 High Speed – Motorized Spindles Work Piece Spindles
 High Performance – Motorized Spindles Grinding Spindles
 High Velocity Motors 
 Inline or Belt Driven Spindle Modules 

The correct selection of a spindle’s speed, power and torque characteristic is essential for economic machining and an optimum working life. Perfectly dimensioned hybrid ceramic spindle bearings for high speed and high performance milling operations as well as an efficient and controlled cooling circuit for repeatable accuracy are important characteristics for the different fields of application and in order to fully satisfy the needs of each individual customer.

In addition to the bare spindle speed, power and torque characteristic of a spindle, a variety of features are requested in order to further optimize spindles to meet individual application needs. As a unique add-on, Step-Tec offers intelliSTEP, a comprehensive package of features to provide control over spindle condition at any time and to optimize operation of a machine tool; all for the benefit of increasing the working life of a spindle and at the same time to optimize machining efficiency.

Step-Tec Spindle Functions

An important process during a machine tool project is the selection and specification of functions the spindle shall provide. As for the basis functions, the type of motor and lubricating system are often defined by the machining application. It is an integral part of the co-operation between spindle manufacturer and machine tool manufacturer and it determines the final configuration of the spindle offered with a machine tool. Step-Tec offers a variety of functions to be considered for new projects or part of the specification of our full range of standard spindles. Step-Tec is looking forward to consult machine tool manufacturers in the appropriate selection of functions.

 Induction Motor System Through-Spindle Cooling
 Permanent Magnet Motor Minimum Quantity Lubrication
 Lifetime Grease Lubrication Air Through Spindle (standstill)
 Continuous Grease Lubrication Air Through Spindle (rotation)
 Direct Lubricating System (oil-air) External Coolant Supply
 Cool Core Spindle Hydraulic Preload System



Step-Tec spindles are high tech equipments! They feature an extreme performance and we suggest machine tool manufacturers to use our intelliSTEP functions for real time monitoring of the spindle status. This information may be used for intelligent features implemented by the machine tool, such as protection algorithms or compensation of thermal displacement. Selected information may be made available to the operator of a machine tool through the CNC for optimization of the machining process or to trigger maintenance intervals. Step-Tec is proud to offer unique features to create USP’s and economic benefit.