Step-Tec has been developing and producing high speed and high performance motor spindles since 15 years. These high-output precision spindles are the key component in leading machine manufacturers’ machine tools around the world.


Know-how accumulated over the years in building our high end motor spindles for machine tools has been the basis to successfully expanding our portfolio into other high-tech components for precision machinery.

A client of ours being a well known manufacturer of gear hobbing machines commissioned us to build precision components for a modular type CNC multi axis machine tool designed for milling and hobbing of drive pinions, worm shafts and ring gears for the automotive industry (passenger and commercial vehicles). Serving this new customer base, our tasks do include:


  • adopting customer design worksheets
  • completion and optimization in accordance with the customer’s requirements
  • sourcing and purchasing of all parts and sub-components needed
  • quality assurance for all purchased goods
  • stocking of all parts for production and spare parts supply
  • assembly of components
  • comprehensive testing of functional components or sub-assemblies and reporting of all test results to the customer
  • refurbishment and repair of components and sub-assemblies
  • professional assistance in analytical evaluation

Illustration of a milling head on a radial carriage


"Ready to install" delivery with Step-Tec quality and test certificate.

For this type of machine we also produce work piece axis with direct drive.

As a unique “all-in-house“ supplier specialized in mechatronics, Step-Tec covers all operations and processes. It starts with electrical and mechanical engineering, acquisition of standard parts as well as advanced components, a fully equipped machine shop for all machining operations, an assembly department with highly skilled personnel for electrical and mechanical precision assembly.