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Laser 3D Surface Processing

What is Laser 3D Surface Processing?

Laser 3D Surface Processing is a fully digital solution that allows creating unlimited effects on the surface of almost any kind of part and material. It is a technology of choice for texturing, blasting, structuring, thin film ablation, as well as decoration and coloring, marking and engraving.

What are the steps of Laser 3D Surface Processing?

Why come to GF Machining Solutions for Laser 3D Surface Processing?

With a strong expertise in software development and photonics, GF Machining Solutions continuously develops high-performance Laser systems inspired by 70 years of experience in state-of-the-art precision machining centers.

In 2008 GF acquired AF Laser, specialized in Laser 3D texturing and since then has constantly innovated in this technology. As of today, GF Machining Solutions is the worldwide leader in Laser 3D Surface Processing.

Thanks to a global presence and unique know-how, GF Laser application engineers and the GF Academy are here to support you and help you realize the full potential of your application with a GF Laser machine.

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