Blade applications

The Turbomill is designed for the production of airfoils with 5-axis simultaneous machining technology. Extensive manufacturing experience and CAM programming to suit application specific requirements in technology and service are provided by Liechti – a team of specialist in the production of turbomachinery components for aerospace and power generation.

  • Highest profile accuracy and trailing edge quality in shortest machining time
  • Complete machining in one setup, including bar feeding, five-axis Milling, turning, root machining, threading, chamfering, engraving and brushing
  • Rigid, compact layout of all axes for high jerk machining
  • Turn-key solution including specialized TurboSoft plus CAM software


Turbomill 500g
Setting the new standard of blade machining

Liechti go-Mill 350 / Turbomill series

Turbomill 500g
Setting the new standard of blade machining

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Improve your overall equipment efficiency

  • Reduce your cycle times
  • Increase your quality rate
  • Reduce your maintenance costs
  • One single source provider

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