My rConnect

Digital services for all your GF machines, anytime, anywhere


First-rate support, anytime, anywhere

On your smartphone, tablet or computer:


Digital assistance

•  All GF machines are supported

•  Chat, video conferencing, white board and file transfer on computer and phone

•  See machine Success Pack subscription status

•  Assign and manage service cases

•  Trace all open and closed service cases

Live remote assistance

•  For connected machines with Edge device

•  Remote access to machine HMI

•  Access your machines online

•  Our expert diagnosticians can access your machine for troubleshooting

Machining state

•  For OPC UA + MT Connect protocols

•  Live data

•  Machine monitor

•  Notification of machine status change

•  Access applications to improve production



Main features

Choose your connection type

For all machines: unconnected assets

•  Completely independent platform

•  One service management tool for all assets

•  Collaboration amongst different companies

•  Anytime and anywhere

Option: connected assets

•  High secure connection to all your machines

•  Remote service at any machine

•  Data retrieval within your data ownership

•  Distribute applications to your machines

Two ways to obtain connected assets

•  Migration existing LRA license to a Success Pack

•  Buy a Success Pack for an eligible machine

All GF machines
With Edge device
With Edge device and OPC UA
    All GF machines With Edge device With Edge device and OPC UA
Asset management
Service cases
Voice / Video
Remote access  
Data access  
Machine monitor    
Sustainability KPIs*    
Process inspector*    
Process tracker*    
*Application to be launched in the future

Machine monitor

See status and mode of connected machine anywhere and anytime. One dashboard allows you to gain insight into the efficiency of your workshop by continuously monitoring your machines.


Remote access security

Operator-only initiation secures full control. Full use of established transport encryption technologies such as TLS. Secure service-to-service connections are ensured without network coupling.

Device security

The Linux operating system is continuously improved, physical protection of certificates through TPM is possible. Over-the-air updates guarantee the most recent and secure device software releases.

Data and core security

Proven Azure security policies and decoupled Microservice Cluster with defense-in-depth prevent misconfigurations. Role-based access control supports secure access to components.

End-user security

1.    Integration of Multi Factor Authentication from user domain

2.    Secure transport encryptions via HTTPS

3.    Certified by TÜV


Testimonial TECNOMEC - about the new platform My rConnect

"Thanks to My rConnect, we can connect from anywhere in the world to the machine"

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