AgieCharmilles CUT S 400 Dedicated

Exclusive fir-tree manufacturing solution to take your production off
Offering unparalleled precision and flexibility in manufacturing various shapes and sizes of turbine disks, the CUT S 400 Dedicated series represents a leap forward in precision manufacturing for the aerospace and energysectors. With its cutting-edge technology, it can meet the growing market demand for larger turbine disks. This solution is ready for process automation and offers a full set of sophisticated functionalities such as probing system and a collision protection of the next generation, designed to assist users during work preparation. Integrated innovations such as the IPG (Intelligent Power Generator), 3D-printed heads, eTracking and Spark Track technologies make this machine the most revolutionary Wire-cutting EDM solution.

CUT S 400 Dedicated

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CUT S 400 Dedicated

Main specifications
Main specifications
Travel X, Y, Z 400 x 315 x 256 mm
15.75 x 12.40 x 10.07 in
Travel U, V U: 500 mm, V: 350 mm
U: 19.69 in, V: 13.78 in
Min. surface roughness RA
Steel: 0.08 µm
Steel: 3.2 μ-inch RMS
Max. taper angle / height ± 30°/250 mm
± 30°/9.84 in
Max. workpiece dimensions Ø 680 mm
Ø 26.77 in
Max. workpiece weight 300 kg (piece + equipment)
661 lbs (piece + equipment)
Wire diameters Ø 0.15 - 0.30 mm
Ø 0.006 - 0.012 in
Max. wire spool weight Up to 45 kg / 99 lbs
Dimensions of complete equipment * 4024 x 2308 x 2465 mm
158.43 x 90.9 x 97.05 in

* Width x depth x height

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