Flexibility and efficiency

Simplify your manufacturing process with the ultra-flexible machine and human-machine interface (HMI) concept and reduce delivery time to your customers. Increase reactivity and take on urgent jobs or change your day and night strategies on the fly.

Process automation

Automate your productivity and use large wire for fast, cost-effective roughing, while machining with thin wire to cut fine radii at the best precision. Control the part from design to quality control with a complete integrated solution.

Excellence in results

Deliver the highest precision parts with the CUT X000 series' X-treme precision version. Achieve finest surface finish and avoid oxidation-related issues with the OilTech version. Get the great repeatability thanks to the thermal stabilization independent of workshop conditions, and benefit from our expertise in technology development.

CUT 2000 S/X - CUT 3000 S/X

Two machines in one

The AWC automatically changes wire diameters during machining, allowing complex machining while keeping the process profitable.

Total accuracy and repeatability

Achieve accuracy down to ±1.5 µm for a total positioning accuracy, with this series’ X version, thanks to its special laser calibration method.

Onboard metrology center

Measurement precision: ± 1.0 μm with a 158 x magnification lens. ± 1.5 μm with a 56 x magnification lens.

AgieCharmilles CUT 2000 OilTech

The CUT X000 series’ OilTech versions are designed to deliver excellent surface integrity and finish. Benefit from the best surface quality for your most demanding applications.

Perfect surface integrity

Confidently machine parts requiring long submersion periods. Forget about typical issues related to cobalt depletion when machining in water.

Reduce the gap

Achieve the tiniest slot widths and radii due to the smaller gap between wire and workpiece enabled by oil dielectric, compared to water and comparable wire diameter.

CUT 2000 OilTech

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