Optical systems

Today's digitized world relies on optical systems and cameras as integral components for capturing, analyzing and transforming data for decision-making. The demand for higher quality has increased over the past years in electronics and automotive applications, bringing precision and accuracy requirements to new heights. GF Machining Solutions provides a comprehensive solution for manufacturing of molds for optical systems.

Laser blasting pin core insert

For accurate optical performance, the camera lenses contain a light trapping structure on the edges to implement full optical data intensity. These light trapping structures are textured on steel pin core inserts of lens injection molds. With the GF Machining Solutions Laser solution, you can:

  • Develop a light trapping laser-blasted structure on lens mold pin core inserts to reduce the lens flare disturbance on the injected optical lens
  • Achieve digital blasting process with high accuracy and extreme repeatability for lens molding plated inserts
  • Substitute manual sandblasting operations with a digital process to boost innovation and quality

Camera module housing plastic injection mold tool

Compact camera modules call for intricately molded plastic components for accurate lens assembly. Machining of these injection mold inserts with micro features requires extreme accuracy from Die-sinking EDM and Milling machining processes:

  • Achieve unbeatable accuracy in micro-machining (black parts)
  • Achieve greater details with fewer electrodes
  • Reduce scrap rate down to 0 %
  • Gain quality control thanks to a thermal stable system and ISPG (Intelligent Speed Power Generators)

Precision plate and injection channel for lens molding

Lens injection molds present a unique manufacturing challenge to obtain a smooth surface finish and contour to facilitate smooth flow of injection material. A highly stable 3 axis Milling solution will fulfill this challenge:

  • Burr-free, high surface finish on the injection channel
  • High-precision mold plates to facilitate assembling injection molds without manual operations
  • Long-term stable machining with no thermal interference

Plastic housing for optical sensors and systems

To ensure accurate functioning of optics in cameras, radars and similar devices, the plastic housing texture for light trapping, anti-reflection and low gloss improves the functioning of lens assembly. The GF Machining Solutions Laser 5 axis machines allows to: 

  • Create highly functional light guidance textures to trap or reflect light to facilitate sensor systems
  • Achieve the lowest gloss surface and optimize the optical properties of the radar
  • Manufacture complex 3D cavities with high precision thanks to a thermal-stabilized Laser head as well as Smartpatch and Smartscan functionalities

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