New Energy Vehicles (NEV)

Discover the accelerating shift towards New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) propelled by governmental mandates for carbon neutrality, as GF Machining Solutions offers field-proven solutions and technologies, securing your position and maintaining your competitive edge amidst the dynamic market of hybrid, battery, and fuel cell energy vehicles.

A range of solutions for your applications

Battery modules

Domain controllers and micro connectors

TRUE, an intelligent solution for connector manufacturing

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Charging units

An essential infrastructure for NEV, charging units are designed with cooling channels for user safety and efficient charging. Providing high power while being able to withstand heat and long cycles, they contain micro connectors with high-performance sealing so as to avoid any leakage. Housings of these charging units are often made out of hard plastic materials reinforced with glass fibers, while connectors need precision for a perfect contact and self-lock.

  • Achieve high precision of small geometries with lowest wear on electrodes
  • Benefit from our FORM eCAM programming software, specifically designed for EDM, to seamlessly go from CAD to machining
  • Combine our Milling and Wire EDM technologies to produce a wide range of designs and volumes
  • Our Wire EDM solutions secure the production of complex molds with the optional System 3R indexing unit
  • The EDM unique 3DS surface ensures perfect textures on recycled plastic materials and particular VDI requirements
  • Our integrated Automation solutions allow for 24/7 unattended manufacturing
  • The unique graphite (GR3) solutions provide flexibility to mold makers
  • Machine a wide range of precision electrode materials, such as copper, tungsten-copper or graphite, with conventional molds on the same machine
  • With either standalone or automated solutions, secure your productivity and efficiency with our standardized System 3R toolings

Bipolar plate for hydrogen powertrain

Hybrid and EV powertrains

Today NEV powertrain design calls for perfect assembly, generating very low noise with high efficiency. This is a challenge for manufacturing of gear tooling, calling for high precision across increasing production volumes.

Revolutionizing manufacturing: ZEN achieves high quality precision gear dies with our reliable and high-performance FORM X Die-sinking EDM solution

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EV motors

Advanced Wire-cutting EDM technologies for New Energy Vehicles

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Extreme Wire and the CUT P 1250

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