Interior—central console

The central console constitutes the panel that helps driver and passenger navigate the car easily. Premium cars have unique features of functional surfaces such as high and low gloss, anti-scratch  or hydrophobic properties. These functions are often also found in middle-class sedans as well as in cruise controls and semi-automatic functions. and is also design requirements as features of Cruise control & semi autonomous functions going as a standard requirement.

  • Apply functional surfaces and perfect injection quality
  • Realize design requirements with ease (“ART on Part digital technology”)
  • Open up wide possibilities for R&D
  • Open up possibilities to reduce the number of tools while keeping the quality
  • Perfect high gloss/low gloss final products with ease
  • Achieve faster time to market with confidence and stay competitive

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Airbags are one of the key safety measures in the automotive industry. Safety has been a key pillar in today's advancing new technologies, protecting both driver and passengers, and a good performance during under crash tests gives car OEMs a high branding and market value. The response time and the pressure sensors are key to activating airbag in case of emergencies.

  • One-stop complete process solution
  • Texturing for functional surfaces to advance capabilities
  • Connect processes with ease, increases flexibility
  • EDM processes to machine thin ribs for special functional designs
  • Step-Tec Spindle to add safety to the secured process.
  • Thermally stable Milling solutions enable roughing and fine finishing to ensure perfect geometries
  • Stand-alone machines that can be easily connected and automated

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Steering wheel

Steering wheels' now commonly features functional surface and sensors to record driver body condition to ensure highest safety. Combining technologies such as Milling, EDM and Laser texturing make it easy to produce a complete mold within short time while adhering to highest quality standards.

  • One-stop complete process solution
  • Mikron Mill solutions for medium and large molds
  • Step-Tec Spindles for secured processes
  • Rigid base to withstand heavy cutting  forces
  • Thermosymmetrical construction for long lead cycle times, keeps ambient temperature in control
  • Texturing for functional surfaces to advance capabilities
  • Digital generators in EDM product lines ensures close to zero wear, highest surfaces finish.
  • Easy and simple HMI, simplify operating process in EDM

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