Bone Saw Guide Block

Does your medical manufacturing system make the cut?

Manufacturing medical instruments is both quality intensive and cost sensitive

Complying with medical quality regulations (ISO 13485, FDA, 21 CFR 820) and meeting cost targets at the same time is even more challenging when the manufacture requires several different technologies, as for a Bone Saw Guide Block.

GF Machining Solutions presents a fully integrated and automated approach allowing efficient instruments manufacturing and traceability of key manufacturing data to help you meet regulatory needs.

Product quality, cost efficiency and compliance with medical quality regulations are all part of the package.

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Bone Saw Guide Blocks are used to position and guide a saw blade during hip and knee replacement surgery. Typically made from hardened stainless steel, they have smooth, accurate guide slots and a matt exterior surface - so that the bright overhead lighting does not reflect and disturb the surgeon's vision.

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The challenges and the solution

Bone Saw Guide Blocks are a good example of challenging medical devices. Traditionally, their manufacture requires milling, wire EDM, grit or sand blasting, laser marking and polishing. With many associated challenges:
  • The need for a high quality surface finish and high tolerances during milling;
  • the risk of wire breakage and quality problems during EDM;
  • the risks and costs of manual operations – including for sand or grit blasting;
  • last but not least, the challenge to track key manufacturing information to meet regulatory needs.

GF Machining Solutions' fully automated and integrated cell including milling, wire EDM, Laser texturing, automation and intelligent tooling and software, helps you meet all these challenges and ensures a better data tracking along the process, from and back to the factory resource planning system (ERP).

Automated performance with intelligent tooling and software

Traceability and compliance

Optimized manufacturing process

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