Tooling for electrode manufacturing and EDM

Fitting the machines with the same reference system means that electrodes and workpieces can be moved between the machines without subsequent alignment and checking – One Minute Set-up.

Introduction – Rough guidance to tooling

Maximum workpiece weight (kg)
Maximum workpiece weight (kg)
Pallet size
Mini Macro
Ø 20     1 kg    
Ø 25 0.5 kg        
Ø 30   1 kg      
52-54       5 kg 5 kg
□ 54-Ø75       10 kg 10 kg
Ø 110-116       50 kg 50 kg
Ø 142-185       50 kg 100 kg
Ø 220-260         100 kg
Maximum workpiece weight (kg)
Maximum workpiece weight (kg)  
Pallet size
Matrix GPS 240 Dynafix Maxi Delphin
Ø 110-116 50 kg        
Ø 142-185 100 kg        
□ 150X150       500 kg  
Ø 220-260 200 kg        
□ 240-300   150 kg      
250-3000         500 kg / chuck; max 2000 kg
Ø 256   150 kg      
□ 280-400     250 kg    
398         2000 kg
448         2000 kg
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MacroJunior and MacroCombi

The MacroCombi chucks accept two completely different types of electrode holder. Both Macro with its immovable stability and precision, and MacroJunior with its highly economical holders…

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MacroStd and MacroHP

Among users world wide, the Macro system is a byword for precision. And with good reason, since very single Macro product is thoroughly checked before it is dispatched…

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MacroNano system is best described in two words as precise and quick! The MacroNano clamping system links the production chain through an ultra-precision coupling both for workpiece and electrode holding…

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MacroMagnum is larger variant of the patented Macro system. The high clamping force and the position of the reference surfaces far away from the chuck centre…

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As well as extreme accuracy, Matrix features low construction height, ultra-precise indexing, a drawbar with through hole. The through hole allows high/long workpieces to be sunk into the chuck for stable/rigid fixation…

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GPS 240

The machining zero point is defined by the centre of the chuck in the GPS 240 system. The system is made for universal use and can be used in all kinds of applications milling, turning, grinding, EDM and measuring…

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Dynafix permits machining with optimal cutting data, without sacrificing accuracy and quality. The easy-to-handle aluminium pallets have reference elements of high-alloy steel with directly measurable Z-references…

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Maxi an especially robust, uncomplicated and user-friendly system for larger and heavier electrodes and workpieces…

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The Mini system provides rapid and exact mounting of the electrode holders in hydraulic quick-change chucks…

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3Refix is remarkably simple way to lay a solid foundation from which to view the future with confidence – tool up without indication and cut your production costs…


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