Arthroscopic clamp

Instruments such as clamps for arthroscopic surgery have a variety of critical surfaces that must meet tolerance requirements to function correctly. By using GF Machining Solutions CUT P series, manufacturers can achieve stunning results with industry-leading efficiency. Some of the advantages this system can provide include:

    • Latest generation digital IPG spark generator providing faster cutting speeds with excellent surface finish
    • Fully integrated collision avoidance technology
    • Easy-to-learn and easy-to-program, operator-friendly HMI

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    Ablation catheter

    Catheter marker bands are used in many applications. Usually made from precious metals to be radio opaque and non-toxic, these bands can be exceptionally thin and require intricate cut-outs. By using GF Machining Solutions' Microlution MLTC Laser machining technology, customers benefit from:

    • Faster lead-times and greater flexibility, as Laser- based machining means even the most complex designs can be made with a single set-up
    • A specially designed Spindle clamp allows even the most delicate of tubes to be clamped safely
    • Lower operating costs as there are no consumables and no need for complex Tooling for new product designs

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