Manufacturing of cosmetic packaging is facing challenges coming from consumer demand. Mold makers need to update their current production chain and find innovative ways to design and manufacture, as well as eliminate environmentally harmful processes from supply chains.

Complex cavity mold insert

Our 5-axis high-speed Milling and Laser ablation technologies combine to manufacture three-dimensional complex mold cavities for extended quality and productivity. With the MILL S 600 U and the LASER S 1000 U, achieve:

  • Higher removal rates and greater contour accuracy
  • Single setup production and reduced tooling cost
  • Digital process for complete repeatability
  • Ability to design and texture complex cavity without quality loss
  • Uniform texture flow without patch lines

Texturing mold insert cavity

Our unique 5-axis Laser solution enables texturing of mold cavities to create aesthetic designs on packaging. The Laser S 1000 U allows:

  • Increased productivity and texture quality with Smartpatch
  • Continuous texture without patch line on three-dimensional surfaces
  • The ability to machine a variety of mold tool material for plastic, glass, resin processing

Functional texturing on mold cavity surfaces

Packaging needs multiple functionalities such as low-gloss, high-gloss, anti-slip, gripping, light diffraction, polishing, clarity. With our LASER S 1000 U such functionalities can be directly achieved on mold surfaces:

  • Digitally-controlled laser parameters and grain size
  • Full-digital processes for extended repeatability of designed textures
  • Eliminate environmentally harsh techniques such as etching, glossing on mold and injected plastic

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